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Survey Solutions

Survey Solutions

Our Survey Solutions are tailored to provide comprehensive and state-of-the-art offshore survey services. Utilizing advanced technology and expertise, we cater to a range of industries, ensuring precision, reliability, and efficiency in all our operations.



Bathymetric Surveys: Utilizing sophisticated sonar and GPS technologies, our Bathymetric Surveys offer detailed 3D mapping of underwater landscapes, crucial for navigation safety, construction, and environmental monitoring.

Tidal Studies: Our Tidal Studies provide essential data on tidal patterns and sea level changes, supporting coastal development projects and environmental conservation efforts.

Underwater Feature Detection: We deploy advanced sonar technology to accurately detect and map underwater hazards, archaeological sites, and infrastructure, ensuring safe maritime operations.

Satellite Derived Bathymetry: Leveraging the latest in satellite imaging, we offer cost-effective and rapid surveys of coastal and shallow water areas, ideal for large-scale environmental assessments and resource management.

Analogue Geophysics

Magnetic Surveys: Our Magnetic Surveys are essential for geological mapping and mineral exploration, revealing subsurface anomalies and providing valuable data for resource extraction industries.

Gravity Surveys: We conduct Gravity Surveys to measure variations in the Earth’s gravitational field, aiding in the identification of geological structures and informing oil and gas exploration.

Side-Scan Sonar Imaging: With high-resolution Side-Scan Sonar Imaging, we offer detailed seabed mapping, crucial for pipeline inspections, habitat mapping, and unexploded ordnance detection.

Sub-bottom Profiling: Our Sub-bottom Profiling techniques penetrate the seabed to reveal underlying stratigraphy, supporting geological research and infrastructure development.

Shallow Seismic Surveys

Reflection Seismology: Our Reflection Seismology service offers detailed insights into subsurface geological structures, aiding in hydrocarbon exploration and seismic risk assessment.

Refraction Seismology: Through Refraction Seismology, we analyze seismic waves to determine the composition and properties of subsurface layers, essential for construction and mining industries.

Multi-channel Seismic Data Acquisition: We employ Multi-channel Seismic Data Acquisition to gather comprehensive seismic data, producing high-resolution images of the subsurface for detailed geological analysis.

Seismic Data Processing and Interpretation: Our advanced data processing and interpretation capabilities transform seismic data into accurate geological models, supporting informed decision-making in exploration and development projects.

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